Group A officially ran from 1982 up through 1994, with respect to touring cars. It was a glorious form of motorsport filled with modified production cars. These were machines that saw road-going versions sold to eager customers. Homologation rules are a wonderful thing, aren't they? Well, for the most part, when certain automakers aren't skirting those rules.

One of the companies that didn't skirt the rules was Mercedes-Benz... and they gave us the amazing 190E Evo II. Now there's one with impossibly low mileage heading for sale.

Silverstone Auctions is handling this lot item when it heads to the block at the upcoming Salon Privé on September 3rd. This is a 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II, and it shows an astounding 885 miles on its odometer. A collector bought this car and socked it away because they knew it would pay off down the road.

1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II heads to auction with low mileage

1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II heads to auction with low mileage

Mercedes-Benz was required to build 500 examples of this car to satisfy FIA homologation rules. They build 502, and this car is number 452. Apparently, it's so fresh and clean that it still has a pristine dealer sticker in the rear window.

It's shocking to us to find a car like this being barely driven. These are crafted by people who want the eventual customer to drive them, and drive them hard. Sure, the seller will see a nice pay day but that's not what care are about on a grander scale.

Pre-auction estimates peg the value between (approximately) $230,000 and $285,000.

That's a ton of coin... but we imagine that driving the car hard for the last 26 years may have been more rewarding*.

*Maybe not, as that's a lot of money for a Benz from the '90s.