British motorsport company Prodrive has confirmed it is creating a special edition of the Alfa Romeo Brera (pictured) coupe for sale in the UK, and plans to first reveal the modified car at the end of the month. Prodrive has been working closely with Alfa Romeo for the past year, particularly in the areas of suspension and handling mods.

The new car will be dubbed the Alfa Romeo Brera ‘S’ and according to Prodrive it has been designed to build on the “existing model’s capabilities to deliver outstanding driver feedback and handling.” Production of the Brera S will be limited to just 500 cars, which will be distinguished by several exterior and interior enhancements.

Prodrive has worked with a number of carmakers in the past, including the likes of Subaru and Aston Martin. One of their most potent models is a tuned Vantage V8, which sports a 425hp (317kW) version of the standard 4.3L V8 in the svelte coupe.