Lamborghini will soon have a certified used cars vehicle program in place with news today the Italian supercar manufacturer is planning to roll-out a worldwide dealer program with the U.S. and Europe first in line. CEO Stephan Winkelmann announced that the certified used cars will only be available via dealerships and Lamborghini will be in charge of promoting the new campaign.

"We will handle that as well as our agency, and then the dealers can put their location and whatever deal they might have at the end," Winkelmann explained to BrandWeek. The benefit for Lamborghini is that more customers will head to official dealers for used vehicles rather than luxury brokers who trade cars bought from private sellers and auctions.

It also provides piece of mind for customers, who often are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. Certified used cars need to pass a manufacturer's inspection - with some having as many as 160 different points of mechanical and cosmetic examination - before going on sale.

Ferrari has had a certified used car program in North America since 2003 and earlier this year announced a similar program for the UK. Maserati, too, has its own program in North America, which offers buyers a one-year warranty or a total of 90,000 miles for used cars sold through its dealerships. Lamborghini is still working on the final details of its program.