Sports car manufacturers Lotus and Spyker have worked closely together for the past four years and the longstanding relationship has finally culminated in a new platform and parts sharing deal signed yesterday. Under the new ‘Parts and Platform Commonality Agreement’ (PPCA), Lotus will supply Spyker with parts for its new C8 Aileron supercar (pictured) and will help with the development and design of all future models for the Dutch carmaker.

Lotus Engineering will also act as the preferred subcontractor in respect of a number of engineering projects relating to the C8 Aileron as well as the upcoming D8 Peking-to-Paris SSUV.

The latest announcement comes as Spyker continues to suffer from a management reshuffle and a number of serious financial setbacks including the loss of €72 million for the past 12 months and the sale of its unsuccessful F1 team last year.

The new C8 Aileron is Spyker’s most recent introduction and was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show back in March. The car is essentially a long-wheelbase C8 and is the first Spyker to be fitted with an automatic transmission. The addition of the self-shifter was made to increase the chances of the car’s success in the U.S. market.