Audi's TT was a styling sensation when it hit the market a decade ago, and though Audi has kept it up-to-date, tuners are still finding new ways to give it a fresh look. PPI's take on the TT isn't their first attempt, but this most recent edition, the PS TT Coupe, adds some new tricks to the repertoire.

Focusing on aerodynamics, the PPI PS TT Coupe adds a custom front, side and rear treatment that purport to improve airflow to cooling inlets while also aiding flow under the car and around the axles. A quad-tip exhaust, custom wheels and carbon fiber accents add to the sleek look of the custom car, but all pieces, including the downforce-producing rear spoiler, are intended to also be functional.

The 2.0L TFSI engine gets some upgrades too, including a bump to 245hp (180kW) and 366Nm torque, putting the smaller engine's power on par with the stock 3.2L VR6 engine offered in the Audi TT quattro, though still somewhat short of the 272hp (200kW) engine shown in the Audi TTS at Detroit earlier this year.

Suspension upgrades include larger 19" wheels, wide Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires and a 30mm lowering kit. Bigger discs and a multi-piston caliper upgrade are in the works, but not yet available. The interior gets some PPI-branded bits like a new sports steering wheel, and a range of option from carbon fiber to walnut for the surface materials.