Yesterday word leaked on the UK getting a shipment of right-hand drive Camaros, and it seems the company is determined to move forward with a full-scale launch of the car. Believing the platform is equally well suited to V6 and even four-cylinder engines as the more traditional V8s, General Motors thinks the Camaro can fit into a CAFE-centric future.

The thirsty, high-power V8 Camaros will only be a part of sales, according to GM vice president of sales and marketing Mark LaNeve in an interview wtih Edmunds.

"Everyone thinks we'll be positioning the Camaro as a burn-ass hot rod," he said. "But that's only about 30% of the business. The other two-thirds will come from 27mpg V6 sales, with a significant female share."

The V6 LaNeve spoke of was spotted last week by spy photographers. A four-cylinder is also in the works, as Bob Lutz said in March. The precise nature of the smallest mill - or even if it will ultimately be used in the Camaro - isn't yet decided, but the most likely scenario is a 2.0-2.5L inline four with the aid of a turbocharger for better power while maintaining acceptable fuel efficiency.

The downsizing engine trend is something GM will be taking throughout its model line, as well. Powerful six-cylinder cars will replace V8s, and turbocharged or normally-aspirated fours will replace the older V6s. CAFE might not kill these cars, but it will force them to evolve by the time they arrive in 2010.

2010 Chevy Camaro high-res spy shots