The Prancing Horse is recalling 366 of its 612 Scagliettis for a defect in their F1 transmissions. A faulty sensor causes the internal components to overheat, resulting in transmission failure. Though Ferraris, like all Italian-made supercars, are known for their somewhat temperamental and occasionally fire-prone nature, recalls for major assembly malfunctions are less frequent occurrences.

A faulty clutch sensor inside the transmission is responsible for the problem, which according to Ferrarai results in unmonitored heat build-up that then causes the clutch assembly itself to malfunction, making shifting very difficult. Only 366 of the cars sold between 2005 and 2007 and equipped with the F1 transmission are affected.

The 612 Scaglietti is Ferrari's luxury cruiser, a big GT with ample room and power for trans-continental cruising. In fact, with just minor suspension adjustments to allow for the rough road surfaces, Ferrari took two Scagliettis across India in its Magic India Discovery Drive. The tour spanned over 7,000 miles throughout the subcontinent visiting 57 cities and taking 70 days to complete. The cars were driven by a complement of 70 journalists over 13 stages.

Both cars were fitted with the six-speed F1 transmission.

Ferrari Magic India Discovery Drive