Like the high-performance Ford Shelby Mustang GT-H before it, the Corvette ZHZ is a Hertz-only special edition. Built for the rental company's fleet, 500 of the cars will find their way onto lots across the U.S. in 24 big cities starting next Monday, June 16th.

Set to allow U.S. renters to cruise the summer roads in style, the Corvette ZHZ features a 436hp 6.2L engine, paddle-shifted six-speed automatic gearbox and a custom yellow and black paint scheme featuring a strip down the hood and the center of the car's roof.

Other custom features include a custom Ebony interior with the ZHZ logo embroidered on the arm rest and floor mats, dual mode exhaust, magnetic ride control and cross-drilled brake rotors. Wheels for the unique car are seven-spoke forged chrome units.

The car is part of what Hertz calls its 'Fun Fleet', a collection of 12,000 high-performance and stylish cars in eye-catching colors. Fourteen U.S. states including California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas, among others, will get the cars. They will be available exclusively at Hertz airport locations.

Hertz already offers standard Corvettes through its rental service. Car rental company Avis began offering the Corvette earlier this year. The ZHZ program is expected to run for approximately two years, with new 2009 C6 Corvettes receiving the package when they are released.

Though the Shelby GT-H Mustang eventually spawned a retail derivative, the Shelby GT, the ZHZ is unlikely to receive similar treatment, since it is essentially a unique appearance and equipment package for the standard C6 Corvette. Once the rental plan is complete, the cars are sure to become collectibles, despite the torturous life most are likely to face at the hands of weekend renters.