GM is counting on V6 equipped Camaros to account for the bulk of its sales but there’s talk of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine among the ranks as well the usual V8 lineup. Latest reports suggest that the flagship Camaro SS will be powered by GM’s 6.2L LS8 small block V8 with a supercharger in tow.

The LS8 engine features an intercooler integrated into the intake manifold and has been designed to fit in the new Zeta platform that underpins cars like the upcoming Camaro as well as the current Pontiac G8.

According to The Detroit News, the engine will develop up to 500hp in the Camaro and will ensure that the 2010 model is the fastest production Camaro ever.

GM originally planned to use the engine in several of its SUV models including the Denali but was forced to abandon those plans due to looming CAFE regulations. Instead, the potent engine will be reserved for limited production performance models like a range-topping Camaro as well as a possible G8 flagship.

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