One of the first shipments of the newest Japanese supercar to hit U.S. shores has arrived at the Florida port of Jacksonville. Still dressed in protective cladding and lined with plastic sheet inside, the cars are sitting on the tarmac awaiting final delivery to the dealerships and owners that have pre-ordered them.

The photos of the arrival, posted to the NAGTROC forums by an administrator, include several shots of the cars being driven off the ship, the full U.S.-spec interior and examples in silver, red, white, black and grey. From the pictures it appears there are at least 45-50 cars in this shipment, with 7-8 rows of 6-8 cars each. Silver appears to be the most popular color, while red seems to be the least, though the photos make it hard to be certain.

The GT-R is due for delivery to the first U.S. customers some time this month, with the remaining deliveries of the 1,500 cars scheduled to come America this year to continue as the cars are produced and imported. European buyers snatched up all 1,500 cars available for pre-order there in the first month of sales, so most of the world's supply of 2009 GT-Rs is already accounted for. Nissan's up-rated Spec-V model is expected to make its debut this December, although it's not yet known how many the company will produce or when retail deliveries will begin.

2009 Nissan GT-R