Brand loyalty is a highly-sought after attribute in a customer base, from the carmaker's perspective, and according to data compiled by Experian Automotive, American hybrid buyers are among the most loyal car shoppers around. Fully 47% of hybrid buyers buy the same make (brand) of car when shopping for a replacement, compared to just 35% for all buyers.

That figure may be influenced somewhat by Toyota's long-standing dominance of the hybrid marketplace, with a number of hybrid models including the highly popular Prius to draw customers back. Support for that possibility is found in the statistic of 18% of hybrid buyers purchasing the same model they are replacing, reports MSNBC, compared to just 12% of the typical buyers - a 50% difference.

But it appears that the data is generalized across all hybrid carmakers, as Scott Waldron, president of Experian Automotive notes that the makers of hybrids show a clear advantage over other brands. He went on to point out that a single percentage point in loyalty ratings can mean thousands of sales.