Fans and owners of Carroll Shelby's creations in the Shelby American Auto Club (SAAC) have come to a resolution with the man himself, ending the battle that started earlier this year.

The basis of the disagreement was over Shelby's perception of the club's use of his image and likeness for profit, while the club felt it had done nothing wrong, insisting it was only supporting itself.

The dispute over the club's activities led Shelby to request the club cease all activities related to the sale or merchandising of products bearing his name and trademark. The club was understandably distressed by the request, and a long legal duel ensued.

But now the problem has been resolved and the club and Shelby are back on the same side of things, according to the official press release posted at Mustang Revolution.

Reached on Friday, the agreement reveals the two parties have signed an agreement securing the SAAC's use of the Shelby name and trademark. The terms of the deal are still unannounced, but the SAAC says all disagreements have been settled and worked out.