In the lead up to the unveiling of its Panamera sedan at the Shanghai Motor Show this week, Porsche made a special presentation of the car to a select group of customers and dignitaries on the 94th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center. Getting the car up to the special event platform, which stands more than 425m above ground, proved to be no small feat as the Panamera could barely fit in the building’s biggest elevator.

In order to get the car in, Porsche had to build a specially designed ramp and stand the Panamera upright before it could be rolled into the building’s freight elevator.

The particular model used was the base Panamera S, which was joined the next day by the AWD Panamera 4S and twin-turbocharged Panamera Turbo on the stands at the Shanghai Motor Show.

The Panamera will go on sale in Europe this September, and will arrive in U.S. showrooms just one month later. The Panamera S will start at $89,800, while the AWD 4S will start at $93,800 and the flagship Turbo from $132,600. Later this year Porsche will introduce an entry-level V6 model and a petrol-electric hybrid.