• Porsche 944 Turbo PDK development mule

    Transmission engineer Rainer Wüst started working on dual-clutch transmissions in the 1980s and an early version of what would become the PDK appeared in 956 and 962 race cars.

  • 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS
    What does Porsche's PDK stand for?

    There are many abbreviations in the world of the automobile. You may think you know what most of them stand for, but others may leave you scratching your head. One of those is likely to be PDK, the name given to the automatic gearbox used by Porsche. And there's a reason you don't see the full name...

  • 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo
    Report: Porsche To Make Paddle-Shifters Available Across Lineup

    The paddle-shifters will eventually be offered on the rest of the 911 range, Boxster and Cayman lines, and the Panamera sedan.

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo
    Report: Porsche planning hardened Panamera GTS flagship

    Automakers love to build as many models as possible from a single platform as this helps them spread initial investment costs, as well as risk, that can often run up into the billions of dollars. This is especially true for smaller automakers with limited budgets and low production volumes. Case in...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera
    Porsche Panamera hybrid and V6 models coming next year

    The past couple of months has seen a blitz of stories about the new Porsche Panamera, such as its dramatic 94th story reveal in a Shanghai skyscraper and its official world debut. For now, the four-door Porsche will only be offered in various V8-engined guises, but more economical engines are...

  • Porsche Design Panamera Collection luggage set
    Porsche Design releases new luxury collection for the ultimate Panamera fan

    Following the introduction of the updated 911, Boxster and Cayman and Cayenne over the past 24 months, Porsche is now presenting its fourth model line in the form of the new 2010 Panamera. The four-seater Gran Turismo, marrying the comfort of a luxury saloon with the outright performance of a...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera Leipzig plant

    Porsche's new Panamera may have been revealed to the world in a glitzy event at the Shanghai Motor Show but production of the car has only formally started this week. To mark the occasion, Porsche has also announced that it will be offering buyers and enthusiasts alike the chance to see the Panamera without all of its makeup on - at a free, two-hour factory tour in Leipzig. With the car officially launching in select European markets this September and in the U.S. this November, Porsche is keen to let future customers see the complete production process at its newly upgraded Leipzig plant in...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera in elevator in Shanghai World Financial Center
    Porsche Panamera squeezed into elevator for 94th story presentation

    In the lead up to the unveiling of its Panamera sedan at the Shanghai Motor Show this week, Porsche made a special presentation of the car to a select group of customers and dignitaries on the 94th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center. Getting the car up to the special event platform, which...

  • porsche panamera shanghai debut pr photos 003
    Porsche Panamera makes world debut at Shanghai Auto Show

    Porsche today unveiled its new Panamera grand tourer at the Shanghai Auto Show, ahead of its official European sales launch scheduled for September. The car will arrive in U.S. showrooms just one month later, although only the V8 variants will be offer initially. These include the naturally...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera technical drawing
    Inside look at the technology behind Porsche's Panamera

    With Porsche’s new Panamera sedan set to make its official world debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in just a few weeks, we thought it was time to take a closer look at the car and some of its features. The Panamera will debut with no less than five technological firsts for Porsche, and with...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera interior
    Porsche reveals interior and U.S. pricing for Panamera sedan

    Having released initial specifications for the Panamera late last year, Porsche is for the first time presenting details for the interior of its new sedan. The car is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. this October and initially the range will be available exclusively with V8 powerplants. Boasting...

  • 2009 Porsche Carrera
    Porsche 911 Carrera achieves 35mpg average fuel-economy

    Porsche may not be known for the environmental qualities of its cars, but now the company is hoping to turn this around by proving that its cars can be economical if driven in the right way. German motoring personality Klaus Niedzwiedz took on a challenge to see just how economical the 345hp...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera

    Following this past weekend’s premature leak of official Panamera details, Porsche has now released the full gamut of details and images for its upcoming sedan. The Panamera will officially go on sale in April next year and will make its world debut one month earlier at the Geneva Motor Show. Porsche will be able to build up to 26,000 units per year at its Leipzig Plant, but actual production levels will be kept at just 20,000. It will be a large car, measuring 1,931mm (76.0in) in width, 1,418mm (55.8in) in height, and 4,970mm (195.7in) in length. Inside, there will be space for four...

  • 2010 Porsche Boxster facelift
    Facelifted Porsche Cayman and Boxster debut in L.A.

    So far 2008 has been about the renewal and reinvigoration of Porsche's 911 lineup, with the highest-performance variants still to receive their dual-clutch PDK gearboxes and direct-injection upgrades. Next year will be an even bigger year for Porsche, however, as there are more updated 911 models...

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