Volkswagen Passat

  • 2009 VW Passat wagon test car w/Bosch-Mahle turbocharged 1.2-liter, 3-cyl engine, from

    Think turbocharger and you may think high performance, but the latest generation of cars are using turbochargers in order to maintain performance whilst engine capacity decreases in the push for improved fuel economy. Volkswagen is no stranger to forced induction, having used turbochargers on diesel vehicles for many years and on gasoline vehicles more recently in the last few generations of Golf and Passat. Those cars have mostly used 2.0 liter engines though - a capacity that dwarfs engineering firm Bosch's latest 1.2 liter, 3-cylinder Passat. Along with partner Mahle, the Bosche Mahle...

  • 2011 Volkswagen Passat
    2010 Paris Auto Show: 2011 Volkswagen Passat (Euro) Live Photos

    The new Euro-spec 2011 Volkswagen Passat, shown for the first time at the Paris show, has a shape that North American shoppers will never likely see. Nevertheless we look at it with interest, as it might preface some of the design details of our Passat replacement that's on the way. The Passat has...

  • Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan official sketch
    Volkswagen Releases Official Sketch Of New Midsize Sedan

    High Gear Media gets the lowdown on the plans for the next midsize sedan from VW.

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