• Driving a Trabant in Budapest

    With Lenin, Marx, and Engels literally looking down on us, my fiancée Mindy, a Hungarian taxi driver—whose name I never did catch—and I pushed a dung-brown 1982 Trabant with a dead battery down a hill. After a few feet, it sputtered to life, coughing out a constant stream of blue smoke, a telltale sign that its engine actually had oil in it. After all, every example of East Germany's proudest communist-era car burned oil from its two-stroke, 2-cylinder engine. It was the most authentically Eastern Bloc moment I'm likely to ever have. Now worth about as much as a month's...

  • U2 Trabant collector seeks more for upcoming celebration of the band
    Collector on mission to recover U2 Trabants

    Some enthusiasts have very targeted, niche car collections. Perhaps you know a person who's way into the Amphicar. There's a chance someone is grabbing as many examples of the BMW Isetta as they can find. Someone perhaps even has a love for the Yugo. Collector Tim Cunningham is looking for...

  • Trabant budget car set to return
    Trabant budget car set to return

    German-based coachbuilder IndiKar has been chosen to develop the rebirth of the mythic GDR Trabant economy car as part of the latest initiative of another company, scale carmaker Herpa. A full-scale concept car is expected be unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show although no information has been...

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