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  • inflating rear seatbelts

    The inflating rear seatbelts first introduced with the 2011 Ford Explorer are finally trickling down to other vehicles. In a release, Ford stated that the 2013 Ford Flex and some yet to be named Lincoln vehicles will be installed with the safety technology by this summer. While the company specifically mentioned the Ford Flex, the identities of the Lincoln vehicles adding the technology remains unknown. The three-row luxury crossover 2013 Lincoln MKT and MKS sedan seem to be likely candidates as they share some structural pieces with the Ford Flex. Currently, inflatable belts can only be...

  • Mercedes-Benz safety - SRS
    Mercedes-Benz Celebrates 30 Years Of Supplemental Restraint

    The airbag is one of the single most significant inventions in the field of passive safety that the automotive world has seen. Patented in 1953 by American inventor John W. Hetrick and introduced into passenger cars in the United States in the mid seventies, it has been responsible for saving...

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