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Kevin Lee is a consummate automotive enthusiast and freelance writer. He is has written for Gizmodo and Laptop Magazine. Currently, Kevin is writing for PC World, and regularly contributes to Green Car Reports and All Car Tech.


  • The inflating rear seatbelts first introduced with the 2011 Ford Explorer are finally trickling down to other vehicles. In a release, Ford stated that the 2013 Ford Flex...

  • MIT Smart Cars Predict Collisions

    We've seen cars with lane departure warnings and collision detection, but MIT is pushing the envelope with tech that can predict human driving patterns. The computerized intelligent transportation system (ITS) uses an algorithm created from modeled human driving to predict where human drivers are...

  • E3 2011: New Forza 4, Mario Kart 3DS and Need For Speed

    We're all big automotive enthusiasts here, but for those of us who don't have a Zondar R or Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in the garage, there's always video games. All three platforms and most of the gaming publishers have wrapped up their press conferences at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)...

  • Thermoelectrics Could Harness Exhaust Heat, Improve MPG

    In an internal combustion engine, fuel is burned to power the engine, but as a result a lot of heat is also produced. Most of that heat in ordinary vehicles is wasted; but what if you could catch the energy from the heat, turn it into electricity, and use it to increase your fuel efficiency? Well...

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