Renault Twingo

  • Renault Twingo GT

    As car enthusiasts, we get excited about megabuck, high-horsepower supercars, but accessible performance isn't easy to come by. That's all set to change, at least for European buyers, with Renault's new Twingo GT. Based on the rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive Twingo that recently hit the market, the GT boasts a 110-horsepower 0.9-liter gasoline engine with a sport-tuned suspension to match. A variable-rate steering setup also provides a tighter feel, Renault says, and the automaker also boasts that the Twingo GT's stability control system has been recalibrated for a sportier feel. MORE: Read our...

  • 2015 Renault Twingo GT spy shots
    2015 Renault Twingo GT Spy Shots

    Renault’s tiny Twingo hatch has just been redesigned, and just like previous generations of the car it looks like the latest one is set to spawn some racier versions developed by the French automaker’s Renaultsport performance division. The prototype you see here may look like an...

  • New Renault Twingo
    Renault reveals rear-engine, rear-drive Twingo

    French automaker Renault will unveil its brand new Twingo minicar at this year's Geneva Motor Show in March. That may not seem like exciting news, but the new Twingo actually marks a radical departure for cars in the segment, as it utilizes a rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive layout. It's the first...

  • Renault’s high-tech Twingo Concept
    Renault’s High-Tech Twingo Concept

    Renault is planning a new model for launch next year based on its Twingo concept vehicle. The small three-door concept features frameless windows and an integrated glasshouse where the windshield flows into the roof. Powering the Twingo concept is a small turbo-charged engine displacing 1.2L and...

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