Microsoft Azure

  • Toyota Entune Multimedia System

    Straight outta Redmond, Toyota and Microsoft will be pairing up for a new Windows Azure-based telematics platform that Toyota is pitching as a "contribution to society," designed to save energy in every aspect of your life. Microsoft's tendrils are about to reach even more deeply into your life. At least that's the feel we get from the SkyNet-like language in the official press release. Toyota is investing $12 million (a tiny figure, surprisingly) into a venture that will develop the cloud-based system for an integrated telematics platform that will tie people, cars, and homes into one...

  • Toyota Entune Multimedia System
    Toyota, Microsoft Announce Next-Gen Azure Telematics Project

    A new strategic partnership between Toyota and Microsoft will see the next generation of telematics systems built on the Microsoft Azure platform, allowing the incorporation of GPS, energy management, multimedia, and more within a single platform. Microsoft's SYNC system, already several years old...

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