Straight outta Redmond, Toyota and Microsoft will be pairing up for a new Windows Azure-based telematics platform that Toyota is pitching as a "contribution to society," designed to save energy in every aspect of your life. Microsoft's tendrils are about to reach even more deeply into your life.

At least that's the feel we get from the SkyNet-like language in the official press release. Toyota is investing $12 million (a tiny figure, surprisingly) into a venture that will develop the cloud-based system for an integrated telematics platform that will tie people, cars, and homes into one "integrated control of energy technologies." The new system will likely be the underpinnings for advances in new systems like Toyota/Lexus' Entune (pictured) and Enform services.

The first cars to get the new Azure-based tech will be Toyota's EVs and hybrids, due in 2012. From there, the roll-out will see a "complete global cloud platform" built by 2015.

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