• Argo AI self-driving car to join Lyft's fleet in Miami, Florida

    Argo AI self-driving cars will join Lyft's Miami network in 2021 and the network in Austin in 2022.

  • Lyft
    Toyota just bought Lyft's self-driving car division for $550M

    Toyota is betting big on self-driving cars.

  • Lyft car with trademark pink mustache (via Wikimedia)
    Lyft IPO priced at $72 per share, values company at $24B

    Lyft has become the first ride-hailing company to go public, with its shares to be listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LYFT.

  • Lyft Oregon Trail Celebration
    Get a Lyft in a covered wagon to celebrate the Oregon Trail

    Lyft is no stranger to fun promotional tie-ins, and the latest celebrates 175 years of the Oregon Trail. This week, Lyft will offer covered wagon rides in downtown Portland, Oregon, free of charge to commemorate the historic route. Fifteen-minute rides will be given in the covered wagon with...

  • Aptiv self-driving car prototype
    Lyft, Aptiv already making money from self-driving taxi service

    Lyft has been offering its customers in Las Vegas rides in self-driving cars since the start of the year. The self-driving cars are prototypes from automotive supplier Aptiv and feature a safety driver behind the wheel at all times, and at present they can reach about 20 destinations around Las...

  • Lyft
    Fresh funding pushes Lyft's value to $15.1B

    After the company's latest round of investor funding, Lyft is now worth an estimated $15.1 billion. Fresh cash in the amount of $600 million pushed the ride-sharing company to its latest heights. Tech Crunch reported on Thursday that Fidelity Management & Research Company led the investments...

  • Aptiv self-driving car prototype

    Once the stuff of science fiction, the idea of a self-driving taxi service is fast becoming a reality. Boston, Massachusetts-based self-driving car startup nuTonomy made headlines in 2016 when it launched the world’s first self-driving taxi service. That was in Singapore and limited to only a few streets. nuTonomy has since been acquired by Aptiv (formerly Delphi Automotive) which will provide Lyft users attending next week’s 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with access to a fleet of self-driving taxis. The self-driving fleet has been racking up test miles in Las Vegas...

  • nuTonomy self-driving prototype on the streets of Boston
    nuTonomy’s self-driving cars now giving Lyft users rides in Boston

    Boston, Massachusetts-based self-driving car startup nuTonomy made headlines in 2016 when it launched the world’s first self-driving taxi service. Albeit a trial only, the service, which covered a few streets in Singapore, provided an early look at a likely future where self-driving cars run...

  • Didi logo
    Report: Uber’s Chinese rival Didi to expand to North America

    A Chinese rival to ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft may be about to set up shop in North America. According to Reuters’ sources, Didi Chuxing plans to expand its app-based service to Mexico in 2018, the first time the company would be operating outside of China. Didi has said that its...

  • Budweiser and Lyft partner for Prohibition-era rides
    Get a Lyft in a Prohibition-era car thanks to Budweiser

    For four hours on Wednesday, select New York City dwellers will have the chance to grab a ride via Lyft in a Prohibition-era car as Budweiser launches its limited-edition Repeal Reserve Lager. The beer recipe dates back to 1933 as the United States banned alcohol for 13 years. Adolphus Busch...

  • Ford and Lyft partner on self-driving cars
    Ford and Lyft partner on self-driving cars

    Ford has partnered with ride-sharing company Lyft to help accelerate the rollout of a fully self-driving taxi service. It’s a goal a number of firms spanning the automotive, ride-share and tech industries are chasing, and this has led to several partnerships like the one between Ford and...

  • Waymo self-driving car prototype
    Lyft and Waymo join forces to develop self-driving taxis, challenge Uber

    A newborn partnership has emerged within the fluid and ever competitive self-driving car field. Waymo and Lyft have confirmed a partnership for future self-driving technology. Waymo is the self-driving car business of Google's parent company, Alphabet, while Lyft is a ride-sharing firm that's seen...

  • Lyft

    Lyft President and co-founder John Zimmer says a majority of hailed rides will be in autonomous cars, as soon as 2021. Zimmer made the prediction in a manifesto of sorts titled The Third Transportation Revolution: Lyft’s Vision for the Next Ten Years and Beyond, which you can read here. He also predicts that by as early as 2025, privately-owned cars, at least here in the United States, will be a thing of a past. Zimmer isn’t the only one in the industry making bold predictions. BMW says it will have a fully autonomous car ready by 2021 and Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] says it will...

  • Lyft debuts Premier premium service
    Lyft launches a luxury service to compete with Uber Black

    Do you like luxury? Do you also have a disdain for your local taxi service? Well, you're probably already in luck because there's most likely an Uber Black vehicle circling somewhere not far from your home. Now, though, Lyft users have something upscale they can order with the press of a button...

  • Ghostbusters Lyft Promotion
    Lyft offering rides in new Ghostbusters Ecto-1 this weekend

    The original Ecto-1, built for the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters," was a 1959 Cadillac hearse that, according to Dr. Ray Stanz, only needed work done to the suspension, shocks, brakes, brake pads, brake lining, steering, transmission, rear end, engine, muffler, and wiring. Basically, it was great, but...

  • Shaq as a Lyft driver
    Shaq latest to go undercover as Lyft driver

    Retired NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal probably doesn't need to work hard for the money these days—although his son is almost college-age—so it's safe to say that his surprise appearance behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Suburban as a Lyft driver was just for the fun of it. And what fun...

  • Apple store
    Apple invests $1 billion in Chinese Uber rival

    Apple is perhaps signaling its future intentions regarding the auto industry with the announcement it is investing $1 billion in a Chinese rival to ride-sharing businesses such as Lyft and Uber. The investment in Didi Chuxing Technology was announced yesterday and comes just a few months after...

  • Google's autonomous Lexus RX450h
    Google, carmakers, ride-sharing services team up to expedite autonomous cars

    The list is a who's who of autonomous driving: Google, Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F], Volvo, Uber, and General Motors Company-backed [NYSE:GM] Lyft have all banded together to create a coalition designed to speed up the process by which autonomous cars will become a road-going reality. The quintet of...

  • General Motors' Dan Ammann (center) with Lyft's John Zimmer (right) and Logan Green (left)

    General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] today announced it is entering a long-term strategic alliance with Uber-rival Lyft to create an on-demand ride-sharing service that will rely on a fleet of autonomous cars. GM will supply the vehicles and autonomous technology while Lyft will provide its growing network of customers and various ride-sharing services. It certainly sounds like science fiction at this point but GM is serious about the venture, so much so that it is investing as much as $500 million in Lyft. As part of the deal, GM will also hold a seat on Lyft’s board of directors. ALSO...

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