• Honda S660-based Neo Classic racer concept

    The Honda S660 is a neat little kei car, but no, it's still not coming to the United States. Instead, the pint-sized roadster lives on in Japan and Honda has a retro-inspired body kit prepared for the Tokyo Auto Salon. Last Friday, the brand revealed the custom S660 Modulo Neo Classic racer concept with nods to race cars of the past. The race car concept comes after Honda showed the S660 as the Neo Classic concept in 2016. The retro look proved so popular that the automaker released a body kit in Japan to recreate the concept car with a standard S660. The Modulo Neo Classic racer takes things...

  • Honda's Flash Box Concept
    Honda At The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

    Honda will be exhibiting at this weekend's tuner-focused Tokyo Auto Salon, indicating the significance of the aftermarket to Honda.

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV
    Mitsubishi shooting for 20,000 iMiEV electrics per year by 2011

    The industry is in pain, but it's still planning for the future. Today that's clear nowhere more so than at Mitsubishi, which has just announced it will be upping its production target of the iMiEV to 20,000 units annually by 2012 up 200% on previous goals of 10,000 per year. Output targets for...

  • 2009 Nissan Cube Krom edition
    Nissan prices Cube lineup, starts at $13,990, Krom from $19,360

    Nissan has announced base pricing for the all-new Cube minicar earlier this month, starting at $13,990. Now it has revealed pricing for the full line, including the special-edition Krom, which starts at $19,360. Four variants of the Cube will be sold, dubbed the Cube 1.8, Cube 1.8 S, Cube 1.8 SL...

  • 2010 Nissan Cube official debut
    More details on U.S.-spec Nissan Cube

    The second-generation Nissan Cube made its world debut last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but specifications and information on the U.S. model were scant. New information has emerged shedding some light on what American buyers of the quirky hatch can expect, however, including power and...

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