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    The Biebs. He's become something of a fan of Italian cars. It seems his preference lies with the Prancing Horse, as he's plopped a number of fancy Ferraris in his garage. Now his tastes might he changing. Lamborghini is doing some outreach to make Justin comfortable in their own Italian super machines. Bieber is out on a world tour at the moment, and he took some time to stop at the Lamborghini factory and museum in Sant'Agata Bolognese and meet with CEO Stefano Domenicali. Then Lamborghini gave the young pop star the keys to an Aventador Roadster. He used that big bull to arrive in loud...

  • Justin Bieber’s mug shot taken at Miami jail
    Justin Bieber Pulled Over In Lamborghini, Arrested For DUI, Out On $2,500 Bail

    Justin Bieber is facing a number of serious charges after he was initially stopped early today by police in Miami Beach for alleged drag racing in a Lamborghini Gallardo and later arrested. The charges include drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. The 19-year-old...

  • Justin Bieber driving
    Paparazzo Dies Grabbing Images Of Justin Bieber's Ferrari

    While images of celebrities and celebrity cars can bring good money for photographers under the right circumstances, this much is clear: no celebrity photograph is worth dying for. As CBS Los Angeles explains, a photographer was struck and killed by a passing motorist while tying to obtain still...

  • Justin Bieber
    Paparazzo Faces Charges For Justin Bieber High-Speed Chase

    One of the Paparazzi allegedly chasing Justin Bieber in his Fisker Karma in July 2012 is now facing charges from police.

  • Justin Bieber talking to police in his chrome Fisker Karma - Image courtesy KABC-TV
    Justin Bieber Cited For Speeding In His Chrome Fisker Karma

    Teen idol Justin Bieber was given a citation by L.A. police on Friday for allegedly speeding in his chromed out Fisker Karma

  • Justin Bieber steps out of his ‘Kahn Branded’ Range Rover in an L.A. car park
    Justin Bieber Spotted With His Kahn Design Range Rover

    Justin Bieber is no stranger when it comes to exotic cars. Already the owner of several Ferraris [NYSE:RACE], as well as a chromed-out Fisker Karma, the teen star recently added one more vehicle to his growing list of wheels. Bieber was recently spotted in a car park in Los Angeles stepping out of...

  • Fisker Karma at Denver Green Car Parade (2012 Denver Auto Show)

    Canadian teen pop idol Justin Bieber is ludicrously popular. He's sold millions of records, and has almost 20 million followers on Twitter. This would normally be great news for any carmaker whose car he drove, hopefully leading to a few extra sales by association. Unfortunately for Fisker, all Justin's fans are 13 years old, and aren't really in the market for a $102,000 luxury hybrid sedan, not least one wrapped in chrome vinyl by West Coast Customs, as seen on GreenCarReports. As you may remember (or perhaps you blocked it from memory), the pop star recently received the range-extended...

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber Unhurt After Crash In Ferrari

    Pop sensation Justin Bieber was involved in a crash in a Ferrari, which occurred around noon yesterday in Studio City, Los Angeles. The Ferrari, which was described only as black and possibly belonging to someone else, is said to have suffered only minor damage, which was caused by the driver of a...

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber's Teen Years Are Nothing Like Ours Were

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Justin Bieber. Unless you're under 21, though, you probably can't hum one of his tunes. That could be because you're out of touch with The Kids, or possibly because Bieber is from another planet (metaphorically speaking). Seriously...

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