Ferrari F150

  • A 1964 Ferrari 250 LM - image: Wikipedia Commons

    Officially, Ferrari’s supercar successor to the Enzo (internal name, F150) will debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, scheduled to begin on March 7. Prior to its official unveiling, a few selected Ferrari aficionados (likely current Enzo owners) will have an opportunity to see the F150 in person. That’s according to Italian site 0-100, which also tells us that the F150’s styling shares more than a passing resemblance to the 1963 Ferrari 250 LM. Based on the teaser images we’ve seen to date, we can certainly see the family lineage, especially at the rear. Both...

  • 2011 Ferrari F150 Formula 1 race car
    Ferrari Changes F1 Car Name To 'F150th Italia' After Ford Suit

    Whether it's simple legal necessity, hold-over angst from the 1960s duel between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari, or corporate jockeying between Ford and Ferrari's corporate parent, Fiat, which now owns a chunk of Chrysler, the fight over the F-150/F150 name may have come to a resolution: Ferrari...

  • 2011 Ferrari F150 Formula 1 race car
    Ferrari Reveals F150 Race Car For 2011 F1 Series

    Ferrari is the first major team to unveil its new race car for the 2011 Formula 1 series, which kicks off with the Bahrain GP this March. The latest race car, dubbed the Ferrari F150, was unveiled today at the automaker’s headquarters in Maranello, though it’s development is still...

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