• UPS' latest prototype. Image: UPS

    A body made of lightweight composite panels, LED lighting, a high-efficiency four-cylinder diesel engine and easily-repaired molded fenders may sound like the ideal basis for a fuel-efficient commuter car, but in this case it’s the latest prototype delivery truck being evaluated by UPS. The delivery company has rolled out five such trucks in four cities, each with a different testing purpose behind them. Flint, Michigan, is getting a prototype, since Flint has long, urban routes and is located close to Isuzu’s powertrain division. Isuzu builds the four-cylinder diesel engines used...

  • ZMP City Simulator Experiment
    First Working From Home... Now Commuting From Home [VIDEO]

    James Bond has had a lot of cool gadgets, but one of our favourites had to be the remotely controlled BMW 7-Series from Tomorrow Never Dies. Controlled by a touch-screen cell phone (which still manages to look old-hat now, such is the pace of technology), our hero was able to drive, and indeed...

  • Mercedes-Benz Eye Catchers Experiment
    Video: Mercedes-Benz Identifies The Most Attractive Parts Of A Car

    Mercedes-Benz has identified the key elements of a car that draws the most attention from onlookers. Using a simple idea of filming the eyes of onlookers, Mercedes-Benz designers have set up the Eye Catchers experiment. Watch the video below to see which elements of the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS...

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