DUB Edition Mustang

  • DUB Edition 2011 Ford Mustang

    Pony car fans might not think the love of the Mustang is a generational thing, but Ford apparently does, and it is targeting the new DUB Edition 2011 Mustang directly at younger urban drivers. The car, a collaboration between DUB, Ford and Roush, combines Roush and DUB appearance features for a more aggressive look. The 2011 Ford Mustang V-6 DUB Edition is now ready for sale and is priced from $3,699 for the upgrade. Add on $100 for shipping and the base price for a Mustang V-6 and you’re left with a driveaway price of $26,694. So what do you get for the extra cash? Twenty-inch wheels...

  • DUB Edition 2011 Ford Mustang
    2011 Ford Mustang DUB Edition Rolls In

    Ford is going after a new generation of performance fans with its latest 2011 Mustang. In fact, a new breed of Mustang will be taking center stage in a Ford ad campaign designed to attract even more sports car fans to the iconic brand. As part of the campaign, the TV ad also includes an appearance...

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