DUB Edition 2011 Ford Mustang

DUB Edition 2011 Ford Mustang

Ford is going after a new generation of performance fans with its latest 2011 Mustang. In fact, a new breed of Mustang will be taking center stage in a Ford ad campaign designed to attract even more sports car fans to the iconic brand.

As part of the campaign, the TV ad also includes an appearance by the new DUB Edition Ford Mustang V-6, a special edition collaboration between Ford, DUB and Roush Industries that will be available this fall.

The car is based on the 305 horsepower Mustang V-6, which most readers would know achieves an impressive 31 mpg fuel economy on the highway. The DUB Edition also picks up stylish 20 inch wheels, a Roush front fascia and splitter, Roush quarter window louvers and windshield banner, Roush lowering springs, 3.31 rear axle ratio, DUB-embroidered headrest and DUB stripe package, a black interior and a choice of four exterior colors, including black, Grabber Blue, Race Red and Ingot Silver.

If it sounds a lot like a common package of modifications you might see on a standard Mustang V-6, that's because it is. But it looks like Ford is hoping that offering the package from the factory will attract buyers that don't want to do the modifications themselves.