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  • The Chris Bangle-designed Redspace electric city car

    The company is called Redspace, and the vehicle shown here is its new electric city car. The design is certainly...different, which starts to make sense when you discover that ex-BMW head designer Chris Bangle is responsible for it. Yes, we're pretty sure it's going to leave onlookers split in their opinions. At first glance it doesn't make sense, but the more you peer at the mix of straight lines and curved panels, it actually begins to become somewhat appealing. Bangle designed the car for the Chinese market through his consulting firm, and the plan is for Chinese commercial truck builder...

  • Chris Bangle
    Chris Bangle finds new design ideas lacking at Frankfurt Motor Show

    There may not be a more divisive modern automotive designer than Chris Bangle. The former BMW design chief was responsible for some of the most controversial designs the marque has ever put into production, some of which have left many divided to this day. Bangle emerged from his design studio in...

  • Chris Bangle
    Chris Bangle On The Problem With Modern Car Designs

    Most auto enthusiasts will be familiar with the name Chris Bangle. Much of BMW's output over the last decade has been blamed on the American automobile designer, even though few of the brand's "flame surfaced" models emerged directly from his pen. Now, Bangle has shared his opinions on the designs...

  • The cover of Chris Bangle's book, Peter Teuful: A Tale of Car Design in 3 Parts
    Chris Bangle Launches Contest, Book; Proves Writing Is Harder Than It Looks

    Chris Bangle, the oft-maligned but undoubtedly talented automotive designer behind some of the '90s and '00s best BMWs, has started up his own firm since leaving the purely automotive design world upon departure from BMW in 2009. The new outfit, Chris Bangle Associates, is turning its eye beyond...

  • Chris Bangle
    Polarizing Designer Chris Bangle To Get Lifetime Achievement Award

    Controversial stylist Chris Bangle will be award the Eyes On Design Lifetime Achievement Award next June, for his contribution to the world of automotive design.

  • Chris Bangle
    Report: Chris Bangle To Design Consumer Electronics For Samsung

    One of the most recognized automotive designers in the world Chris Bangle no longer in fact works in the auto industry. That’s because Bangle decided back in 2009 to stop designing cars, leaving his post at BMW in order to open up his own design studio as well as go back to teaching the art...

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