Most auto enthusiasts will be familiar with the name Chris Bangle. Much of BMW's output over the last decade has been blamed on the American automobile designer, even though few of the brand's "flame surfaced" models emerged directly from his pen.

Now, Bangle has shared his opinions on the designs of others--and they aren't overly positive.

"There is a real need for a change and that's just not happening," he told Automotive News Europe (subscription required). Bangle feels the car design world is stuck in a rut, and that many designers are stuck with the same "mannerisms" as cars of the past.

From his design direction at BMW, it's clear what he means--while popular, BMW's range before Bangle consisted of very similar designs simply enlarged or shrunk depending on the market segment, all mere evolutions of the generations of cars before.

Concept cars come in for criticism, too. "[Concept cars] simply anticipate the next production model coming down the line. Is this innovation? No." he says, adding that the lack of innovation is preventing car design moving into a "new era".

Bangle is now in charge of his own design studio, and has turned down offers to become design director for other large automakers. But do you agree with his take on modern car design? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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