Earlier this month automotive designer Chris Bangle announced that he planned to quit the auto industry to pursue his own design-related endeavours. The American-born designer is yet to reveal exactly what his future plans will entail but a senior executive at his former employer, BMW, has revealed that Bangle is planning to open his own design studio.

Speaking at a recent press conference, BMW development head Klaus Draeger said Bangle is “going to make his own dream come true. He's going to open his own design studio." Speaking at the same conference, Bangle said he could not talk about his plans yet but said he would stay in Germany for a little while.

Bangle is leaving BMW after 17 years of service. His replacement, Adrian van Hooydonk, has worked closely with him over those years, and together they have mapped out a clear and aesthetic route for the future of the German luxury carmaker.

Bangle’s dream to open his own design studio is similar to that of Gordon Murray, one of the chief architects of the legendary McLaren F1. Murray recently opened his own design studio, Gordon Murray Design, and one of the firm’s first projects is the upcoming T25 city car.