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  • Byton K-Byte concept

    Electric car startup Byton on Tuesday rolled out the K-Byte sedan concept in Shanghai, China. The handsome design was presented during “Byton Night,” a preview event the company held ahead of the 2018 CES Asia where the K-Byte will make its formal debut Wednesday. Byton first burst onto the scene in January at the 2018 CES in Las Vegas, where the company presented an SUV concept. The SUV, which Byton has since christened the M-Byte concept, is due to start sales in China in late 2019 and should start around $45,000. The K-Byte will follow in 2021, and while its platform will be...

  • Byton SUV concept
    Byton sedan concept coming in June

    Byton seemed to come out of nowhere when it showed up at the 2018 Consumer Electornics Show in January with a cool-looking SUV concept and confirmed the start of production for next year. But the SUV is just one of at least three electric cars Byton is planning. Another is a sedan, a concept of...

  • NEVS 9-3 and 9-3X concepts, 2017 CES Asia
    NEVS presents 9-3, 9-3X electric cars at 2017 CES Asia

    NEVS on Wednesday at the 2017 CES Asia taking place in Shanghai, China previewed a pair of electric cars destined for production and outlined a new mobility program to be run in the Chinese port city of Tianjin. NEVS is the company that bought the assets of Saab following the Swedish firm’s...

  • NEVS InMotion concept, 2017 CES Asia
    NEVS presents InMotion self-driving city car concept at 2017 CES Asia

    NEVS on Wednesday unveiled the InMotion self-driving city car concept at 2017 CES Asia in Shanghai, China. The concept is NEVS’s vision of a car devoid of a steering wheel and pedals, i.e. a Level 5 self-driving vehicle, and signals the company’s intention to compete in the mobility...

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