Carl-Peter Forster

  • 2011 Jaguar XJ

    Jaguar's new XF and XJ sedans have made waves in sport-luxury seas, bringing a newer, fresher face to what was once a bit of a stodgy lineup. Now it looks like Jaguar may be planning even more boat-rocking, with several new models in the pipeline including a sports car, a BMW 3-Series rival and an estate wagon. However, the list of new model additions may not end just there. The hope is that Jaguar will be able to triple its sales to around 750,000 vehicles by 2018, but to do so it will need a much fuller lineup of vehicles. With a new management team on board, including new brand manager...

  • Carl-Peter Forster
    Former GM Europe Boss Named Tata Motors CEO

    Following his departure as CEO of GM Europe last November there were all manner of rumors concerning the future of auto industry stalwart Carl-Peter Forster. Some thought he would go on to lead a Fiat Group brand, some even claimed he would head the new SAAB-Spyker, while others suggested he was to...

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