• 2010 Chevrolet Camaro V-6

    Necessary powertrain calibration means the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is still at least a year away.

  • 2009 aston martin lagonda concept 002
    Aston Martin Lagonda SUV shelved due to weak market

    It's a situation already hackneyed: a new car model has been put on ice by the cold global economic climate. Fortunately for esthetes and fans of Aston Martin, however, the latest model to face that fate is the Lagonda. Widely lambasted for its Saab 9X Aero-meets-recreational-bus looks, the Lagonda...

  • bmw z4 sdrive35i 02
    Report: BMW won't build a 2010 Z4 M

    Late last year BMW retired the straight-six engine used in the previous-generation Z4M, prompting aficionados to start hoping for an even better unit for the 2010 car. Unfortunately however, the latest news appears to draw a line through that possibility, and the 2010 Z4 M model altogether. The...

  • Smart ForTwo
    Smart dealers left holding the bag on canceled orders

    News of blockbuster sales and pre-orders of the Smart ForTwo in the U.S. last year is being tempered today with the revelation that a large number of depositors that had reserved cars are now backing out. With the economy still circling the drain and a great deal of uncertainty in many people's...

  • honda s2000 cr 2009 003
    Honda officially cancels S2000

    Earlier this month word of Honda's decision to cancel its Honda/Acura V8 program, the CR-Z convertible and the next-generation S2000 emerged, but today Honda has officially announced that the 2009 S2000 will be the last. Produced for a full decade, from 1999 (as a 2000 model year car) through 2009...

  • 09acurarl front s
    Report: Honda cancels next-gen S2000, V8 program and CR-Z convertible

    Tough times in terms of sales and profits are hitting the entire industry hard, but Honda appears to be taking it particularly badly if the latest report from Japan proves true. News of the cancellation of Honda's V8 program, its CR-Z convertible, and perhaps most lamentably, its next-gen S2000...

  • BMW's Concept CS

    On the back of weak financial results announced today, BMW has decided not to risk the launch of an expensive model like the production version of the Concept CS. The car had been conceived as a new range-topping super-sedan for the company, but its business case simply isn't convincing enough, according to CEO Norbert Reithofer. The return on investment for such a car would only be about 1.3%, reports Automotive News, leaving too little profit for the investment required. As recently as September, reports of progress on the car's development at BMW's M Division were emerging, and it was...

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