Ariel Nomad

  • Jay Leno drives the Ariel Nomad Tactical

    When Britain's Ariel first showed off the Atom back in 2000, the automotive enthusiast world was blown back. This was a company taking the idea of focused engineering to a new level. The Atom is essentially a race car that can be registered for the road—legally. In 2015, Ariel did it again when it launched its buggy; the Nomad. That mad machine is essentially an Atom that can hit the dirt, and one just found its way into Jay Leno's Garage. You take the same basic concept of an Atom, which is a lightweight little beastie with a shouty Honda engine providing power. The Atom upscales...

  • Ariel Nomad
    Ariel's wild, off road-ready Nomad finally available in U.S.

    You've always wanted an Ariel Atom, the ultra-light, no-frills track car... but you happen to live down a dirt road. Well, TMI AutoTech and Ariel have teamed up to bring you the Ariel Nomad, a more rugged (and even more insane) version of the Atom. Now officially available in the United States, the...

  • Ariel Nomad
    Ariel creates off-road Atom, calls it the Nomad

    The Ariel Atom remains one of the all-time great automobiles thanks to its no-nonsense approach to speed. It's a bare-bones racing machine that gives its driver exactly what he or she needs to be the fastest one on the track, and nothing more. Ariel expanded its madness to the two-wheeled world...

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