• Ford MuCell gas-injected plastics

    Car companies draw inspiration from the strangest of places. The styling of the 2010 Nissan Cube was apparently inspired by the look of a bulldog in sunglasses, and the fins of many 1950s cars were a homage to the space race. However, we've not yet seen car technology inspired by a chocolate bar - until now. In the ongoing pursuit of reducing weight, Ford has created what it calls 'MuCell' technology to reduce the weight of plastics, inspired by the Aero chocolate bar sold in several markets around the world. What makes an Aero an Aero are the thousands of air bubbles inside the bar that give...

  • 2009 Air Force Vapor Dodge Challenger
    U.S. Air Force shows off high-tech supercar duo

    In what could be one of the most bizarre ways to spend our tax dollars, the U.S. Air Force has commissioned the design and construction of two highly-customized cars using Air Force technology. Before you start questioning why the Air Force would need a pair of custom cars, they were developed as...

  • ZPM AIRPod
    Zero Pollution Motors plans 2011 U.S. launch for 106mpg air-powered car

    While major auto manufacturers race to bring new electric and hybrid cars to market, other companies are looking at alternatives to electricity - including using air to power cars. The idea of an air-powered car is nothing new, and companies have been touting the technology for the past few years...

  • Cutaway drawing showing the pistons of GM's LS9 engine
    University develops cheap, simple way to convert all cars into air-hybrids

    A team from a west London university is claiming to have found the holy grail of the automotive world - a cheap, simple method to turn ordinary combustion engines into hybrid vehicles that run on air. The team from the Institute of Engineering and Design at Brunel University have developed a way to...

  • GIMM MIIN–AER Porsche Boxster
    GIMM debuts new air-powered Porsche Boxster

    Earlier this week we saw reports emerge claiming that Germany’s RUF was working on an all-electric version of the Porsche Cayman, and now we have details about a Porsche Boxster that has been converted to run on compressed air. The converted Porsche is called the MIIN-AER Boxster and it made...

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