• The next-generation gas-powered Audi A6 will shift to the A7 nameplate
  • Gas-powered Audis will feature odd-numbered names and electric-powered models will shift to even-numbered nameplates
  • The 2026 Audi A6 Allroad will be known as the Audi A7 Allroad, and has been testing in prototype form

The next generation of the Audi A7 Sportback hatchback is set to be joined by an A7 Avant wagon variant, and a prototype for the latter in Allroad soft-roader form has been spotted for the first time.

Telltale signs we're looking at an A7 Allroad and not a regular A7 Avant include the raised ride height, wheel arch cladding, and according to our photographer a softer tune for the suspension compared to prototypes for the regular A7 Avant also out testing.

The A7 Allroad will serve as the direct replacement for the A6 Allroad, the current generation of which has been on offer to U.S. buyers since the 2020 model year. An RS 7 Avant to replace the current RS 6 Avant should also be coming.

Audi's next-generation A6
range will go the E-Tron electric route, but Audi still wants to offer a midsize lineup with gas engines, which is why the A7 range is being expanded. It's all part of Audi's new naming strategy that uses even numbers in the model names for EVs and odd numbers for models with internal-combustion engines.

2026 Audi A7 Allroad spy shots - Photo via Baldauf

2026 Audi A7 Allroad spy shots - Photo via Baldauf

The first A6 E-Tron variants will debut this summer, possibly as 2025 models for the U.S. The next-generation A7 is expected to bow late next year as a 2026 model, and the A7 Allroad should be available from launch or close to it.

It's possible the A7 Allroad and the RS 7 Avant are the only versions of the new A7 Avant offered to U.S. buyers, which is the case for the A6 Avant range.

Audi hasn't mentioned plans for the next A7, but expect the automaker to use an updated version of the MLB platform, known as the PPC (Premium Platform Combustion). Audi plans to phase out combustion models in most markets later this decade and is therefore unlikely to invest in a new ICE platform for the next A7. The PPC platform debuts later this year in a redesigned A5 range, which will also include an A5 Avant variant.

Depending on the market, powertrains for the A7 Allroad should include turbocharged V-6 gas and diesel engines, likely with mild-hybrid technology as standard. All-wheel drive will also be standard.