A decision on whether Porsche's Mission X electric hypercar concept will enter production will be made this year, CEO Oliver Blume told Car Sales in an interview published on Wednesday.

In the same interview, Blume said feedback on the Mission X was “massively positive” and that this was a “great motivation” for getting the concept into it to production.

He also said the project still needs to be “feasible” to be given the green light.

The Mission X concept was unveiled last June, with Porsche at the time stating that the concept was being evaluated for production.

Oliver Blume (left) and Michael Mauer with the Porsche Mission X concept

Oliver Blume (left) and Michael Mauer with the Porsche Mission X concept

While no technical details were mentioned during the Mission X concept's debut, including motor output or battery size, Porsche in a surprising move announced a number of performance targets for any potential production version. These included a charge time twice as quick as the Taycan Turbo S, significantly more downforce than the track-focused 911 GT3 RS, a power-to-weight ratio of roughly 1 hp per kilogram (approximately 2.2 pounds), and perhaps most important of all, a Nürburgring lap record for a production vehicle. At present that would mean beating the 6:35.183 set by the Mercedes-Benz AMG One hybrid hypercar.

Porsche's fastest EV around the 'Ring at present is the updated 2025 Taycan, whose range-topping grade clocked a time of 7:07.55. That's only a couple of a seconds off the pace of the Rimac Nevera electric hypercar which has close to 2,000 hp.

According to Car Sales, rumors specs for the Mission X concept and any production version it may spawn include a quad-motor powertrain good for a peak output of between 1,500 and 2,000 hp.

Should the green light for production be given, Porsche has said a market launch won't happen before 2025.