Any Mercedes-Benz equipped with the MBUX Voice Assistant can now be used to control features in a connected smart home.

Depending on how your home is equipped, you can use Mercedes' voice assistant to switch on the lights or temperature control, check if anyone is at home or was recently present, or check if the doors and windows are locked.

The MBUX Voice Assistant, which is designed to understand natural language, is flexible enough to be able to control multiple features in the home with the single instruction. For example, asking if “everything is okay at home?” may result in the answer “all the windows and doors are locked, and a light is on in the main bedroom.”

Connecting to the smart home system is simple and free of charge. The system can be connected to an indivudual MBUX user profile simply by stating the phrase, “Hey Mercedes, connect my smart home account.” This will then generate a QR code in the vehicle's infotainment screen that can be scanned with a smartphone and authorized. MBUX is the name of Mercedes' infotainment system.

Smart home systems can also be connected via the Linked Accounts option in the Mercedes Me Connect app.

A few examples of compatible smart home systems listed by Mercedes include Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, TP-Link, and myQ by Chamberlain Group.

Controlling a smart home is just one of the latest features Mercedes is making possible from its vehicles. Earlier this year, the automaker detailed how various services or items can be ordered and paid for via the vehicle.