Aston Martin is preparing to reveal the next generation in its DB grand tourer line on May 24, and three teaser photos released on Sunday hint at what's to come.

It has been seven years since the DB11 made its debut at the 2016 Geneva auto show, and that car's arrival coincided with the introduction of a new platform, a new V-12 engine, and a new design language for Aston Martin.

The new DB, rumored to be called a DB12, is arriving 75 years after David Brown helped rescue Aston Martin after World War II and launched the 2-Liter, which later became to be known the DB1. It's also arriving in Aston Martin's 110th anniversary year.

Not much is known about the car, but spy shots of prototypes point to it being a heavy update of the current DB11 rather than a complete redesign. Aston Martin has stated that core values of performance and luxury will remain, in combination with “pinpoint driving dynamics” and the “seamless integration of advanced technologies.”

Two of the teaser shots give clues about the exterior design. A top-down shot shows a hood with prominent strakes as opposed to the DB11's smoother hood, as well as three-element headlights with a lower LED accent bar. A dimly lit profile view doesn't give away much but shows large rear haunches like the DB11 and a familiar wedge shape that implies a sense of forward motion.

Teaser for next-generation Aston Martin DB grand tourer

Teaser for next-generation Aston Martin DB grand tourer

The DBS Superleggera is bowing out this year with the special DBS 770 Ultimate, so it's likely Aston Martin will dial up the performance of the next DB to fill in some of that gap.

Perhaps more significant will be the new technology, as the DB11 was often criticized for relying on outdated technology borrowed from Mercedes-Benz. A redesigned dash with a more advanced infotainment system is planned, and the new center console is partially revealed in one of the teaser shots. Also expect the latest in electronic driver-assist features. Prototypes were spotted with new sensors in the front fascia.

Aston Martin will have some busy years ahead. Chairman Lawrence Stroll has promised multiple models by the end of 2026, including a similar update for the Vantage line expected later this year, the launch of the Valhalla plug-in hybrid supercar in 2024, an electric sports car in 2025, and an electric SUV shortly thereafter.