Volvo is committed to having a fully electric lineup by 2030, and that means the automaker will have some busy years ahead.

It already offers two EVs in the form of the compact XC40 and C40 Recharge duo, and last November it unveiled the EX90 mid-size SUV as an electric alternative to the XC90.

Reuters reported on Thursday that we'll see at least six new EVs from Volvo through 2026, citing two people familiar with the plans. The six will include three SUVs, two sedans, and a minivan, according to the sources.

The first of the SUVs is the EX90, which starts deliveries in early 2024 as a 2024 model. A subcompact crossover SUV to be called the EX30 will be revealed this summer, while the third SUV is expected to be an electric alternative or perhaps replacement for the XC60.

2023 Zeekr 009

2023 Zeekr 009

The two sedans will be in the same segments as the current S60 and S90, according to the sources, and the minivan will be a large model twinned with the 009 from fellow Geely brand Zeekr. The minivan will be targeted at buyers in China and may not be sold outside of that market.

Reuters reported that other Volvos will also be developed with a greater focus on customer trends in Asia to help boost sales there. This will extend to Volvo developing its sedan models in China, where the automaker recently expanded its local R&D center. Electric sedans from Volvo are expected to carry the new designation ES, followed by a number to reflect positioning.