Porsche's Taycan enters the 2023 model year with a round of software updates that adds and improves functions, and in some cases increases efficiency of the powertrain.

Owners of older Taycans don't need to miss out as the updates are available free of charge, though owners will need to visit a dealership to have the updates installed as they are not available as an over-the-air update.

Key among the updates is quicker preconditioning of the battery and to a higher temperature on certain models. This enables the car to be rapidly charged more frequently overall and over a wider range of battery charge levels, according to Porsche. Waste heat from other components is also used even more to maintain the battery at its optimal temperature in colder conditions, meaning greater range and shorter charging times in certain cases.

Another key change is to the infotainment system. There are new graphics as well as new functions. For example, charging stations can be filtered and selected in the navigation system based on charging capacity. Vehicles with a head-up display also get an optimized view of the navigation map. Android Auto has also been made wireless, and the voice assistant has been improved.

Other updates include a parking assistant whose sensors work with a greater range and are better at searching for available parking spaces, so that now even tight parking spots are offered to the driver as an option. A keyless opening function can also be added on request.

The 2023 Taycan starts deliveries later this year and is priced from $88,150 for the sedan and $99,150 for the Taycan Cross Turismo wagon. Both figures include destination.

The Taycan has proven to be a hit for Porsche. The automaker has delivered more than 75,000 since the model line was introduced in 2019, and soon Porsche will add its second electric vehicle in the form of an electric Macan. An electric 718 will follow around 2025 and Porsche has also confirmed electric successors for the Cayenne and Panamera, as well as a new electric SUV to sit about the Cayenne.