Walmart has entered an agreement with Canoo to purchase thousands of vans from the electric vehicle startup.

The retail giant on Tuesday said it will purchase 4,500 examples of Canoo's Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV), and that it was open to purchasing more should the need arise.

The vehicles will be used for delivery of online orders. The move is part of Walmart's goal to eliminate emissions from its operations by 2040, the company said.

Canoo presented the LDV in 2019 and has since revealed a larger van and a pickup truck. The LDV is on track to start production in late 2022 and will be delivered to the first customers, including Walmart, in 2023.

Canoo lineup

Canoo lineup

Canoo in 2021 announced a $34,750 starting price for the LDV.

The vehicle can best be described as a spacious, pod-like minivan that would make an ideal option for shuttle services, as it can seat up to seven. It's 173 inches long, or about 14 inches shorter than a Tesla Model Y, but boasts an interior with similar space to a large SUV, according to Canoo. Cargo space comes in at 120 cubic feet.

The LDV is based on Canoo's own platform which incorporates the battery and powertrain, as well as a steer-by-wire system, with no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and wheels. The battery is an 80-kilowatt-hour unit estimated to deliver around 250 miles of range.

Production of Canoo vehicles will be handled at a plant under construction in Pryor, Oklahoma. The company was previously headquartered in Los Angeles but moved operations last year to Bentonville, Arkansas.