Less than a year after finally establishing its own operations in the U.S., Ginetta, one of the U.K.'s biggest race car constructors, has announced the establishment of a one-make race series for North America.

To be called the North American Ginetta Challenge, the series will be open to Ginetta's GT4-spec G56 GTA race car, which is powered by a Ford-sourced 3.7-liter V-6 good for 270 hp.

A 14-round season has already been organized for 2022, with the first round to kick off on March 18 at Virginia International Raceway.

The series will provide both enthusiasts and potential professional drivers with a new avenue to test their mettle against others in wheel-to-wheel competition. It's a continuation of Ginetta's commitment to supporting driver development across a wide band of competition.

Ginetta also has graduated racing programs, including one open to drivers just 14 years of age. Previous drivers involved in Ginetta's programs have included some Formula One drivers, the most recent being McLaren's Lando Norris.

Right now Ginetta is directly offering its U.S. customers only the G56 GTA. However, the company has additional racing models, positioned both below the G56 GTA and above it. These range from the entry-level G40 right up to a Le Mans Prototype. The company has also dabbled in road cars, the most recent being the V-8-powered Akula supercar.