Mercedes-Benz is currently out testing prototypes for a redesigned E-Class expected to go on sale in 2023 as a 2024 model.

The prototypes are for the regular E-Class, but the variant we're most interested in is the E 63 sledgehammer from AMG.

Autocar reported last week that a new E 63 is definitely coming, albeit with an electrified 4-cylinder instead of a V-8 like in the current generation.

The setup would be the same hybrid powertrain destined for the redesigned C 63 due out next year. We're talking a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4, where an electric-aided turbocharger is relied upon to help boost output to 442 hp. The engine is also mated to a mild-hybrid setup to power ancillary features, as well as serve as a starter motor.

Mercedes-AMG E Performance

Mercedes-AMG E Performance

On top of this, there is also a much more powerful motor (up to 201 hp) at the rear axle to take combined output to a maximum 643 hp. This rear motor is mated to its own 2-speed transmission.

In comparison, the current E 63 is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 rated at 563 hp in standard guise and 603 in spicier S guise.

Even though the redesigned E 63 may be downsizing to a 4-cylinder, AMG isn't abandoning the V-8 in the hybrid era. AMG has just paired its V-8 with a hybrid system for a new GT 63S E Performance 4-Door Coupe, and this setup will be offered in more AMGs. The particular setup consists of a V-8 and mild-hybrid combo up front and an electric motor at the rear axle. Combined output is 843 hp.

With any luck, there will be a range-topping version of the redesigned E 63 featuring this setup. Stay tuned.