The second trailer for the ninth instalment of the “Fast and Furious” franchise released on Sunday during Super Bowl LV.

And just like the first trailer that dropped a year ago (shown below), it's packed with explosions, fast cars, and unrealistic stunts. This time we learn that the movie, whose official title is “F9,” is set to star a Noble M600. Driving it in the trailer is Magdalene Shaw, played by Helen Mirren. There's also a Toyota 86 that somehow flips on its side and flies through a building.

In the first trailer, we learn that Vin Diesel's character, Dominic Toretto, has moved to a farm and is spending time withi his son, who was introduced as a baby in the previous film. He's a toddler in the latest film and in the trailer we see him receive a cross from Michelle Rodriguez's character, Letty Ortiz, for “protection from what's coming.”

What's coming is Toretto's brother, Jacob, played by John Cena. Jacob's pushed himself all his life to be faster, smarter, and stronger than Toretto—and now he's tasked with killing his brother.

A completely unrealistic chase scene pits a wide-body Dodge Charger chasing Cena who's in a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R equipped with nitrous. Charlize Theron swoops in and grabs the GT350R with a giant magnet, of course.

At the end of the trailer there's a plot twist: Sung Kang's character Han is alive. It turns out he didn't die in the third instalment of the franchise, “Tokyo Drift.” Strangely, it looks like he will be reunited with fellow "Tokyo Drifter" Sean Boswell, as Lucas Black is also set to star in “F9.” It even looks like there's a hug between the two characters in the new trailer.

As for more cars, there will be a Pontiac Fiero with a rocket strapped to it in this movie. Others we know are coming include a Dodge Charger Widebody and Toyota Supra. The latter will feature a bright orange finish reminiscent of the shade featured on the fourth-generation Supra driven by Paul Walker's character Brian O'Conner in the original 2001 movie.

“F9” is due out soon. It's expected to be released in late May, or about a year later than originally planned. And for all you “Fast” fans out there, we hear there might be at least two more coming to see out the franchise.