Nissan design decided to dangle its feet in the Esports pool for September 12's National Video Game Day with a handful of car-inspired gaming chair concepts. 

The three chair sketches shared on Twitter are each inspired by a car in Nissan's current lineup. The company decided to do a little something for everybody, tapping the Leaf for its futuristic, almost sci-fi themed chair, the Armada for a leather-clad luxury approach and the GT-R Nismo for a high-performance theme. 

For the Leaf, Nissan's designers came up with something that would look right at home on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The gunmetal finish on the frame and gray leather upholstery are contrasted by bright blue inserts, coming together for a very sleek and clean look. It includes an integrated leg rest for improved ergonomics and has a built-in USB charging port for convenience. Nissan also brags that the Leaf chair would be constructed of sustainable materials for optimum future-proofing. 

Nissan's luxurious option is its Armada-inspired chair, which dips right into the theme of the company's Platinum Reserve line of top-trim premium packages. It retains the Leaf model's gunmetal finish for the frame elements, but replaces the sleek gray upholstery with black-and-tan leather. Nissan visualizes this chair having heating and cooling elements along with adjustable lumbar support to accentuate its luxury theme. This would be the ideal pick for marathon gaming sessions. 

The true gamer-spec chair in the bunch evokes the GT-R Nismo. This concept packs built-in headrest audio for those who prefer to go without a headset. It's built on a carbon fiber shell, boasts a deeply-sculpted shape, and includes synthetic suede inserts in the black leather upholstery to keep you planted no matter how intense the match gets.

The company is no stranger to video game tie-ins, and while we don't expect anything to come of these sketches, we give credit to Nissan for finding a fun way to acknowledge gamers on their national holiday.