The McLaren 720S is no joke of a supercar from the factory, but with a few modifications one 720S managed to crack into the 8-second range at the drag strip.

DragTimes posted video of the modified 720S clocking seriously impressive times in the quarter-mile, and eventually we see the almighty run that took the supercar into the 8s. The record-setting run took place at Atco Dragway in New Jersey, where the weather happened to be just right for the runs, too.

The car's upgrades come from Wheels Boutique, which installed a new turbocharger, exhaust and ECU tune. This 720S is also without catalytic converters. When all is said and done, power jumps from the stock 710 horsepower at the crank to 943 hp at the wheels. A conservative estimate for the crank figure is around 1,000. Let's not forget the 720S is also a seriously light machine and only weighs 3,180 pounds.

2019 McLaren 720S Track Pack

2019 McLaren 720S Track Pack

The amount of power sent to the wheels is also seriously impressive. In one run, the car actually manages to pull up part of the track surface as it launches.

Initially, it appears the supercar will stick to the low 9-second range with a 9.1-second time the best of the day. However, the driver decides to take the 720S for another run. With the right amount of prep and tire temperature, the supercar launches off of the line and dashes down the track in 8.9 seconds. The 0-60 mph time? 1.9 seconds. Frankly, that's absurd. In a good way.

Humorously, the best run comes after the driver decides to take off his jacket. That's what we call dedication to weight savings. Watch the full video above, but skip to the 6:30 mark to actually learn about the car and watch the drag strip runs.