We drove the 2019 Maserati Levante GTS to find out if a Ferrari heart could solve its issues. The result? The brawn now matches the beauty, but certain bits of the cabin are taken from the lowly and aging Dodge Journey. The noises from the twin-turbo V-8 nearly make up for any interior shortcomings, though.

The 2020 Toyota Highlander was spotted undergoing testing on public roads. While covered in camouflage, it's clear the redesigned people mover will get a look similar to that of the latest RAV4. With hard lines, a blocky shape, and a rugged stance, the Highlander will aim to please those who like the 4Runner but don't want a body-on-frame SUV.

A 1987 Buick GNX is for sale on Bring A Trailer, and the blast-from-the-past 1980s muscle car has only 8 miles on its odometer. The big, black, coupe is more than 30 years old, but it looks factory fresh. Could the next buyer finally spool up its turbo to unleash 276 horsepower?

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