The Formula E series will spice things up with a new "Attack Mode" fitted to race cars for the 2018/2019 season.

Think of the new mode as a combination of a Joker Lap and a push-to-pass system. The former installs an alternative route the driver must take on a particular circuit, while the latter involves a dedicated button to provide more power to the car to momentarily make it quicker and allow it to overtake other cars.

Attack Mode briefly unlocks about 300 horsepower of additional output.

Drivers must be off the racing line to activate Attack Mode, which is usually a slower way around a track, but the burst of power from Attack Mode can potentially make for exciting passing action. Three timing sensors will also regulate the mode.

Fans watching the races will see the off lines and Attack Mode areas in virtual reality, according to the motorsport. The activation zones will be tied to field graphics so fans know when it's appropriate for a driver to potentially activate the power burst.

According to, the number of Attack Mode activations and their length will only be revealed hours before a race. The strategy will keep drivers and teams on their toes and provide little time to formulate the best course of action.

Attack Mode joins Fan Boost as ways for cars to get more power for short durations. Fan Boost gives a car voted on by the fans an extra boost. Both modes use more energy, so they should be used wisely or a car's efficiency may be hurt.

Additionally, the new season will usher in colored LED halo safety devices. The halos will illuminate magenta when Fan Boost is activated and bright blue when a driver initiates Attack Mode.

Have a look at the promotional video up above that shows how the setup will work. The 2018/2019 season kicks off on Dec. 15.